Code Enforcement

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The Division of Code Enforcement serves as the first line of defense for all properties located within the City of Syracuse by addressing deteriorating homes, vacant and blighted properties, and general neighborhood decline.  The Division is the local authority having jurisdiction for enforcement of minimum requirements for the maintenance and construction of buildings.   The City of Syracuse has an established strategic Code Enforcement management model that prioritizes the organization of critical capacities, resources, and activities into a dynamic and adaptive system that is data driven with identified goals, policies, and procedures intended to protect the public’s health, safety, and welfare. 

The Division protects against health and safety violations in all buildings throughout the City.  It preserves the City's housing stock and enhances neighborhood quality of life.   It enforces local and State Codes by responding to housing complaints, overgrown yards, trash and debris and other property maintenance violations and mandated inspections.



Code Enforcement Self-Services and Forms

Frequently requested forms and self-services from Code Enforcement.