Report Zombie Property to NYS

How Can You Determine if Property is Vacant or Abandoned?

Pursuant to RPAPL § 1309, a property will be deemed “vacant and abandoned” if three consecutive inspections of such property conducted 25-35 days apart and at different times of the day show that:

  • no occupant was present and there was no evidence of occupancy on the property to indicate that any persons are residing there; and
  • the property was not being maintained in a manner consistent with the standards set forth in the New York Property Maintenance Code chapter 3 §§ 301, 302 (excluding 302.2, 302.6, 302.8), 304.1, 304.3, 304.7, 304.10, 304.12, 304.13, 304.15, 304.16, 307.1 and 308.1

 To learn more about New York State laws on vacant properties, visit Zombie Property Home Page.

Before you begin, make note of the type of complaint you are filing. You will need to choose one of the following once you enter the Complaint Form.


Reporting Online

Step 1.Confirm that you have enough time to file your complaint.

The NYS portal closes within 30 minutes of beginning the complaint.

Step 2.Begin Your Complaint

Start Your Complaint at this Link 

Ensure you answer both the COVID-19 questions and the "Complaint Type."

Both are mandatory to move tot he next screen. 

Step 3.Complete your personal information

You may enter the personal information of the person making the complaint if it is not for yourself.

Step 4.Complete information on the vacant property. 

Provide any supporting information on the home, lender, and the nature of the maintenance issues. Click Next. 

Step 5.Submit Documentation

You may submit pictures and other supporting documents or evidence of the vacant property for New York State to inspect.

Step 6.Review and Submit your complaint.

This portal is allows you to lookup the status of your complaint. It is run by New York State, not the City of Syracuse.