Mayor's Office

The Mayor is the Chief Executive of the City. He appoints the heads of departments, as well as the members of the various commissions, committees and boards needed to administer the City's affairs. The Office of the Mayor is the central coordinating agency for city operations. The Mayor's Office is the principal head of the Executive Department and is responsible for directing the city's administration. Other subdivisions of the Executive Department are the Office of Administration, Office of Communications, Office of Management and Budget, Office of Accountability, Performance and Innovation, Office of Personnel and Labor Relations, Bureau of Research and the Bureau of Information Technology.

The Mayor also appoints members of his cabinet:

Sharon Owens, Deputy Mayor
Kristin Smith, Corporation Council
Frank Caliva, Chief Administrative Officer
Corey Driscoll Dunham, Chief Operations Officer
Greg Loh, Chief Policy Officer
Hayley Jackson, Executive Assistant to the Mayor
Maria Maldonado Lewis, Constituent Engagement Manager
Emma Spector, Constituent Services Coordinator

Constituent Services



Programs & Initiatives